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Kit (Recycler)
Created With Autolathe, Fabricator
Cost 20g Iron, 10g Copper
Power Usage 5W + Recipe Usage
Placed with Kit (Recycler)
Placed on Small Grid
Stage 1
Deconstructed with Hand Drill
Item received Kit (Recycler)

Used to recycle a variety of items. The recycler reclaims 50% of the resources used to create the item and produces a "reagent" ore that can be further processed into its components using a Centrifuge. If a reagent is passed into it however, 100% is reclaimed and the same reagent is passed through.

Ingots can be recycled into reagents, which can then be put into the centrifuge with 100% reclamation of the material from the ingot into the ore. This allows you to smelt the same ores over and over and extract the gases from them each time, creating an infinite supply of gases, including Oxygen on Vulcan. This is likely not intentional and this ability may be removed at some point.

Items within a container, such as a toolbelt, will also be recycled and added to the resulting reagent ore.