Gas Generator

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See also: Kit (Gas Generator)


This Generator requires a supply of mixed gases (Hydrogen / Oxygen) in order to work. It produces 24KW per tick per Kpa of supplied pressure with a 64/36 (H/O2) mix, or 38.3KW with a welder fueltank. It is highly suggested that you use a pressure regulator on the input. (Max observed output of 420KW per tick has been observed, this also burned out multiple cables of both types.)

Update 0.1.1510.7155

The "Gas Generator" now needs an Atmosphere surrounding it: Pressure: 20 kPA Min temperature: 278 K (5C) Max temperature: 328 K (55C)


  • Suggested use
    • early game - Overnight/emergency station battery recharging. - OUTDATED: Atmospheric needs prevents easy usage!
    • late game - Can be used in place of all solar as long as sufficient Battery reserves and atmospheric systems are in place.
  • the generator produces much heat in it's surrounding, so cool it down
  • to auto-restart the generator you could use the always-on-circuit