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Stacks No (It is a chicken)


Chickens are hatched by dropping a Fertilized Egg in the right conditions (20C-30C). The chick will hatch out of the egg after a few minutes. The chicken should lay a Fertilized Egg and some Unfertilized Eggs before it dies (numbers may very depending on conditions Needs more research). Chickens do not appear to eat Potatoes or Ferns but will eat Corn, Wheat and Soybeans. A chick or chicken is much like a plant and will display a life bar when in need of something.

Warning: Chickens will eat items contained in closed storage boxes, lockers and stored on your character. They will also consume live vegetation so be very careful about where you let them go.

Pressure Normal Human should be good 50kPa-100kPa
Temperature On Europa (100% o2) it survives at the harsh -150°C
Atmosphere >10% o2 at 50kPa ?
Longest Life Span  ? Days (possibly infinite)
Crops Consumed Per Day 40
Fertilized Eggs laid 1 ?
Unfertilized Eggs laid 5 ?

The Chicken lays an egg every 1-1.5 minutes. With probability of 15% the egg will be fertilized.

Chicken Stats

My 1st Chicken managed to eat 26 wheat, 8 corn and 5 soy in about a day and a half. I strongly suggest rationing! It also produced 6 Unfertilized Eggs and 1 Fertilized Egg. I Suspect they produce 1 Fertilized Egg per day. My chicken managed to produce an egg even though it was starving suggesting a time delay and not health dependencies. My 1st Chick also consumed 7mols of O2 in that time.

My 2nd Chicken lasted 2 full days eating 80 corn and produced 6 Fertilized Eggs and 6 Unfertilized Eggs before dying of starvation.

My 1st Chicken Batch: 6 chickens ( Unfed ) lasted about half a day producing 3 eggs each. 4 Fertilized Eggs and 14 Unfertilized Eggs. Need to replay tests to check results

Chickens require much more food than your player will usually need