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==== Food ====
==== Food ====
''See the'' '''''Hydroponics, Hydration + Food''''' ''tutorial for more information.''
''See the [[Guide (Farming)|farming guide]] on the wiki for basic plant needs.''
In general, you need 4 things for atmosphere management. A way to add atmosphere, a way to remove atmosphere, a way to heat atmosphere, and a way to cool atmosphere.
For the first two, use a pressure regulator set to around 110 to add co2 into the room, then use a back pressure regulator on the other side of the room set to 108. The idea is that the pressure regulator will try to pump in co2 until it's at 110, and the back pressure regulator will empty the room until it's 108. This lets you have a small flow of air through the room so oxygen or pollutants and such don't get stuck. Pipe the air leaving the room through a filtration unit (from the atmospherics kit) with co2 filters, expelling waste gases into the atmosphere or somewhere else while letting the co2 pass into a storage tank so you have a buffer and then back into your intake pressure regulator. This forms a closed loop to make sure there's only co2 in the greenhouse.
For heating, use 2-3 wall heaters in the room (be careful, they're extremely power-hungry!). For cooling, use a wall cooler. Feed a pipe from the gas port of the wall cooler to outside, put a bunch of radiators on it so it can leak heat into the atmosphere, and then fill it with a few hundred kPa of some kind of air, possibly by using an active vent set to inward. The idea is that the wall cooler will heat up the air in the pipe, then the air in the pipe will radiate the heat away in the radiators.
Wire everything up, and then we'll use some logic to automate it. The intake and filtration are automated by the pressure regulators, so that just leaves us with the heating and cooling. Use a gas sensor in the room to measure temp, a logic reader to read the gas sensor, two logic comparators to compare the gas sensor to your min and max desired temp, two memory chips to hold your min and max desired temps, and then two batch writers to write to your heaters and cooler for when they need to turn on. Basically, use the comparators to check if the temp is below something like 300 kelvin, and if so, turn the heaters on. If it's above something like 305, turn the coolers on.
From there, you should be good to go. Just wait until the pressure and temperature reach the right ranges, and then you can plant.
== Multiplayer == <!--T:24-->
== Multiplayer == <!--T:24-->

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