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Taken from Stationeers Stationpedia...
"the advanced composter creates fertilizer out of organic matter.
It accepts food, decayed food, or biomass. It requires water and power to operate, accelerating the natural composting process.
When processing, it releases Nitrogen and Volatiles, as well as a small amount of heat.
Fertilizer is produced at a 1:3 ratio of fertilizer to ingredients. The fertilizer's effects on plants will vary depending on the respective proportions of its ingredients."

Food Increases Yield up to 2x
Decayed Food Increases Growth Speed up to 2x
Biomass Increases Growth Cycles before the Fertilizer runs out, up to 5x


  • Connect a H2O pipe with at least 20 mol H2O
  • Connect power
  • Insert at least 3 ingredients into the input slot on the side
  • Turn on the On switch, it will grind the ingredients
  • Point at the panel and it will tell you how many are ready for processing. You need at least 3 to produce 1 fertilizer
  • Press the Activate button, and it will start processing, including outputting H2 and N2
  • When done processing, a fertilizer will be ejected from the output slot

More information:

  • Constructed from the Kit (Advanced Composter) which can be produced in the Electronics Printer Mk. II (Tier Two)
  • Each unit of fertilizer produced requires:
    • Power to run the composter
    • 3 ingredients (any mix of Food, Decayed Food, or Biomass)
    • 20 mol H2O
    • 1 minute of processing time
  • While producing one unit of fertilizer, the composter also produces (into the atmosphere):
    • 50 mol H2 at 45C
    • 50 mol N2 at 45C